Preparing for Surgery

Not being prepared for your surgery and not knowing what to expect can be stressful. Luckily, the staff at Oak Park Surgery Center is committed to making sure you have all the details before you walk in the door for surgery. Read on to learn more about surgery prep for your outpatient procedure.

General Information

Transportation If you are having a procedure done that requires anesthesia, you are responsible for arranging transportation home as well as a responsible adult to care for you during your recovery overnight.

Personal Items Be sure and leave your valuables at home including jewelry and personal possessions. Remember to take off any rings, earrings, and/or piercings before you arrive. Please refrain from wearing makeup

Health Changes If you have a change in your health status, such as a cold or fever, please contact your doctor and Oak Park Surgery Center at (805) 474-6383 as soon as possible.

Cancellation Unable to keep your appointment? No problem – but please call the center as soon as possible so that we may get you rescheduled promptly.

For Procedures Using Anesthesia

To assure that all of your questions are answered, on the day before surgery you will be called by your anesthesia provider. Your provider will discuss some of the topics below:

  • What medications do you take? What medications should be taken the morning of surgery.
  • Please print then fill out your medication sheet and bring with you the day of surgery: Patient Medication Form.
  • Tell me about your medical/surgical history?
  • Have you any problems with anesthesia in the past?
  • You will be informed not to eat or drink anything past midnight the night before. If you are instructed to take medications the morning of surgery, please do so. with only sips of water.
  • Dress comfortably, button down shirt, loose fitting pants/shorts.

Post Surgery

Or call us at 805-474-6383

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