Podiatry at Oak Park Surgery Center

The podiatry team at Oak Park Surgery Center provides exceptional surgical treatment for disorders, conditions, and injuries affecting the foot and ankle. Our board certified, extensively trained surgeons practice on the leading edge of podiatric technology and provide compassionate, quality care.

Dr. Scott Adams

Dr. Walker

Dr. Fillerup

Podiatric Procedures

Our facility is physician-owned, which means that your surgeon handpicks the staff, equipment, and methodologies utilized for your surgery. Your total surgical experience with us can be achieved in less than four hours, therefore you can be resting in the comfort of your own home in no time!

Bunion surgery

Hammertoe surgery

Neuroma surgery

Ankle procedures

…and more

Providing excellent same-day podiatric surgery. Specializing in bunion, hammertoe, neuroma, and ankle procedures for patients in Arroyo Grande and throughout Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties.